Warner Brothers announce Bleach Movie!


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Ok, who is not EFFIN excited about this? I’ve seen some comments on other articles, with people spewing shit like “another Dragon Ball bomb” but really guys? I hate it when people judge without giving it a chance. Who knows, it could be something amazing! Continue reading »

Star Wars Episode 1 – The Phantom Menace – Also: The Hunger Games & Spider-Man


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The Saga BeginsOk so the epic-ness continues! First the Naruto Double Header, now the Star Wars episode 1 re-release in 3D. My week has been good guys, its been goooooood. Continue reading »

Brave10 – Review – Top Contender of the season ~


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Having anticipated the arrival of this anime for quite some time, I was excited to find out that the time had finally come. Time for a nerd-gasm. Yeah, I said that. I saw the trailer for this new anime on Anime News Network and fell in love right away. It seemed to be more serious and had a lot of good looking characters. Like I previously mentioned, nerd-gasm. Ye.

Usually, I wait for the anime to finish airing so I don’t have to wait for new episodes, but with this one, it seemed nearly impossible.

So let’s begin with the review on Episode 1 ~ Continue reading »

Another – Episode 1 Review – Rough Sketch


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Lets being with the Winter line up of 2012. I have decided to do some episodic reviews for some of the shows that interested me. Here is the first – Another, is an anime/manga that is either trying to be creepy or actually is. It’s too early to tell however. Continue reading »

Mushi-Shi Review – A must watch!


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Believe it or not I do have a list of my all time favorite anime. And this is definitely on it, and most definitely on my top five.


Oh man, I don’t even know where to begin. I started this anime because I was getting tired of watching things with too much drama, action and just too thick a plot. I wanted something more relaxing and calming…chilling. This was it! The most perfect anime for when you need a calming yet rich plot that just sucks you in and wont leave you alone until you have finished everything. The amazing soundtrack also helps, most of those songs are on my sleep playlist on my iPod :D! Continue reading »

Naruto Manga Chapter Review – 568, 569, and 570!


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Ok, so I know I haven’t posted anything on Naruto yet but OMG! This post will be dedicated to the last three chapters that were released from the Naruto Manga.

It blows my mind how with each and every chapter they make it better and better.

One thing you’ll learn about me is that I LOVE spoiling things for myself. Because even with spoilers I still do not loose the desire to watch it, and when I do its like its all new again.

Seriously MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD! Continue reading »

Eden Of The East Season 1 – Review!


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Akira-SakiI was first told to watch the anime Eden of the East by a very close friend of mine. He also recommended that is was another anime that was actually decently dubbed. So finally after a lot of procrastinating I decided to give it a shot. Continue reading »

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